Craftsman’s Honey

Japanese Honey “Craftman’s Honey®”

Traveling with the bees, we harvest this entirely Japanese honey from the blooming flowers of each region we visit. We collect " Craftman’s Honey ®" with care, drop by drop to obtain the authentic taste of great-quality honey that is not heated or mixed. You can find this precious high-quality domestic honey in specialized honey stores.

Honey Lemon
Honey Potato

“Honey Lemon®” & “Honey Potato®”

“Honey Lemon®" & "Honey Potato®" , also known as "Hanilemo" and "Hanipote", are our popular snacks. These treats, that people wait in line to buy at our store in Ise, are now available for you to order and enjoy at home!
We would also like to recommend our "Honey Yuzu”, made from sweet Shikoku yuzu lemon.

38 Series

83 Series

An original honey product we make by adding fruit juice and pulp, or entire fruits to our honey to create an originally flavored treat that you can drink or eat.
We offer a rich lineup of products unique to our long-established beekeeping farm.

Honey Supplements

Honey Supplements

Health foods such as royal jelly, propolis, and bee pollen. We make sure that our high-quality products undergo strict quality control. We hope that these natural treasures from the bees can help many people to maintain their beauty and health.


Honey Cosmetics “Mitsubi”

"Mitsubi" is an original series of honey cosmetics produced by Matsujiro no Mise. Honey is said to have excellent moisturizing properties and help increase natural beauty. To make the most of the moisturizing and antibacterial properties of honey and beeswax, our experts carefully selected the ingredients to create products specifically designed to support your beauty and health.