Truly delicious honey comes from the true way of the beekeeper

Honey Meister ® Beekeper
Shunsuke Mizutani

Shunsuke Mizutani is the Honey Meister ® in charge of this long-established apiary founded in 1912.
Every year, before the honey harvesting season begins, I etch the itinerary in my heart. This is the true way of the beekeeper.

I believe that to walk the true path of the beekeeper is to raise vigorous bees and harvest the most delicious honey. To us, truly delicious honey has nothing to do with its price range, but instead, it is that honey that will make you want to eat more and share with your family.

We take pride in delivering tasty and safe honey to our customers, and that is what quality means to us. This year too, we will not forget the true path of the beekeeper, and we will continue to work hard every day.

School of Commerce, Doshisha University.
After working at P&G, he joined Mizutani Bee Farm Co., Ltd. in 1995.
In 2000, he was appointed representative director of Matsushiro no Mise Co., Ltd. and in 2005, he became managing director of Mizutani Bee Farm Co., Ltd.
2006 Appointed Vice President of the Mie Prefecture Bee Keeping Association
2016 Appointed President of the Mie Prefecture Bee Keeping Association 2018 Appointed Director of the Matsusaka City Tourism Association
2021 (to this day) Director of the Japan Beekeeping Association

I want more people to know the true charm of honey.

Honey Life Advisor

It takes one single bee’s life work to collect just a teaspoonful of honey. We want to share that precious honey with you. It is our mission to make sure that not a single drop of the honey that comes from the effort of the bees is wasted.

Did you know that honey is sweeter than sugar and that you can obtain the same amount of sweetness using just one-third of the quantity?
It is also a moisturizer recommended in the treatment of dry skin.

We aspire to help revitalize the economy of Mie prefecture with our honey. We want more and more people to know the true charm of honey.
We hope that more and more people will learn about our store Matsujiro no Mise.

Honey Life Advisor and Honey Recipe Researcher.
Licensed dietician and bread-making instructor.
Active in teaching seminars on honey, yuki presented her ideas on apiculture in various magazines and TV programs in the hope to get more people to know the true charm of honey.
yuki is an acclaimed blogger who shares information on honey as well. She is also involved in the production and sales of honey cosmetics and bridal gifts. Author of “The Power of Honey” published by Shufu to Seikatsusha.