Honey Lemon
Honey Potato

“Honey Lemon®” & “Honey Potato®”

“Honey Lemon®” & “Honey Potato®” , also known as “Hanilemo” and “Hanipote”, are our popular snacks. These treats, that people wait in line to buy at our store in Ise, are now available for you to order and enjoy at home!
We would also like to recommend our “Honey Yuzu”, made from sweet Shikoku yuzu lemon.

Hanilemo®️(Honey Lemon)

We make Honey Lemon by soaking domestic lemons in our honey to create a perfect combination. Now you can enjoy the popular drink “Hanilemo ®” at home, instead of queuing at our store in Ise. You can enjoy it as a drink by cutting it with hot or cold water, or use it as a topping for yogurt and bread.

150g / 600g


Daigakuimo (Japanese style candied sweet potatoes) coated with our honey, crunchy outside and soft inside. We have sold more than 280.000 honey potatoes since the launch of this snack in May 2021. We use carefully selected domestic sweet potatoes. The gentle flavor of the potatoes and the strong sweetness of the honey sauce are a perfect match. Delicious and healthy.


Haniyuzu (Honey Yuzu)

For those who want to enjoy the refreshing flavor of Shikoku yuzu and the sweetness of our honey.
Yuzu is rich in vitamin C, and contains vitamin D, which helps your body absorb vitamin C.
You can enjoy Honey Yuzu with hot water or cold water, or use it as a topping for yogurt or bread.

150g / 600g