Honey Cosmetics “Mitsubi”

“Mitsubi” is an original series of honey cosmetics produced by Matsujiro no Mise. Honey is said to have excellent moisturizing properties and help increase natural beauty. To make the most of the moisturizing and antibacterial properties of honey and beeswax, our experts carefully selected the ingredients to create products specifically designed to support your beauty and health.

Mitsubi Honey Cosmetics Soap

A honey soap made with carefully selected natural ingredients. For a skin that feels moist and silky to the touch.

100g(comes with a foam net) / 100g(set of 3) / 100g(set of 6)

Mitsubi Honey Cosmetics Face & Body Oil

It gives your skin and body hydration and youthfulness. A concentrated oil made from domestic honey to which we added a preservative-free mix of natural oils, lavender, and orange fragrance.


Mitsubi Honey Cosmetics Honey Hand Cream

A hand cream made from honey, extracts of 7 seven different fruits, and a combination of organic ingredients. Smooths and moisturizes your hands.

40g / 40g(Set of 3)

Mitsubi Honey Lip Cream

A natural lip cream made from honey and beeswax. For smooth, hydrated, and shiny lips. Protects dry lips and retains moisture for a long time.


Mitsubi 83 Soap

A fluffy and soft jelly-like soap.
It comes in 5 different fragrances.
Gentle soap with soft hydrating foam. Enjoy the harmony of honey, fruits, and flowers.

Orange, lemon, rapeseed, blueberry, rose 35g