Come visit our stores in Mie Prefecture!

Matsujiro no Mise has two specialized stores: one in Matsusaka and one in Ise. The shops specialize in health foods such as honey, royal jelly, and propolis, and we offer a selection of sweets and cold treats. We wish to continue showing our gratitude to the people of Mie and, along with that, we want to provide to more and more visitors our safely sourced flavorful products that support your health and beauty. Some products are only sold in our two stores, so if you are nearby consider paying a visit!

Ise Oharai Machi Store

〒516-0025 Ise City, Uji Nakanokiri Cho, 7
TEL 0596-27-8328
Hours 10:00 – 17:00
Open Every Day
No Parking Available

Matsusaka Main Store

〒515-0083 Matsusaka City, Nakamachi Cho 1873
TEL 0598-26-8133
FAX 0598-26-8333
Hours 10:00 – 17:30
Closed on Thursdays (Open on National Holidays)
Private parking available

Company Overview

Matsujiro no Mise has two specialized stores that sell honey and honey products from a 110-year-old long-established bee farm. Our quality honey is our specialty, but we also sell health foods, royal jelly, cosmetics, sweets, cold treats, and more honey products.

They say that one honeybee spends its life collecting just one tablespoonful of honey. It is our goal to continue to deliver this natural treasure without wasting a single drop of the honey that the bees put much effort into in the form of charming products.

Company Name
Matsujiro no Mise Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment
April 1990
17,230,000 yen
Shunsuke Mizutani
Mie Prefecture
〒515-0083 Matsusaka City, Nakamachi Cho18732
Business Description
Production, processing, and sales of honey
Development, production, and sales of honey products and foods
Mail order sales via catalog and website
Beekeeping-related events and experience lessons and workshops