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An original honey product we make by adding fruit juice and pulp, or entire fruits to our honey to create an originally flavored treat that you can drink or eat.
We offer a rich lineup of products unique to our long-established beekeeping farm.

Ome Honey

Healthy honey made using domestic plums. Ideal for adding flavor to yogurt, cocktails, and sweets.


Honey Apple Jam

Honey jam made from Shinshu apples. It is a fruit preserve that maintains the flavor of the fruit intact. The texture of crisp apples and the gentle sweetness of honey create a charming combination.


Black Sesame Honey

To make this paste, we combined honey and black sesame. It is a great topping for toasts, crackers, and ice cream.


Honey Blueberry Jam

Healthy sugar-free honey jam. It is a jam made by using juicy blueberries in their entirety, trying to keep as much of the form of the fruit intact as possible for an enjoyable texture.


Honey Milk

Rich milk made into honey jam. Enjoy the natural sweetness of honey and the richness of condensed milk. Stir well with a spoon before serving.


Honey Raspberry Jam

A honey jam that achieves an ideal combination between the sourness of raspberries and the sweetness of honey. Carefully produced without compromising the flavor of the ingredients. Enjoy the sweet, sour, and refreshing taste.


Aloe Honey

We combined honey with aloe. The sweetness of honey and the texture of aloe make this product delicious.


Sakura Petal Honey

We soaked the petals of cherry blossoms, that represent Japan, in our honey. The balance between the sweetness of honey and the salty taste of the cherry blossom petals is exquisite, and when you eat it, it is like getting a taste of Japanese spring.